Andy Horton Mile Muncher Competition (AHMMC) rules


  • First- and second-claim members are eligible for competition.
  • Runners must complete the event in order to score.
  • Runners must appear in the published results under their own name (no bib-switching or forgetting your parkrun barcode).
  • Runners must wear their DRR vest at all road- and cross-country events (this is a UKA rule anyway, but worth re-iterating).
  • Club vests are not necessary at parkrun.
  • The distance of an event is that which is measured or reckoned by the event’s organiser. Any variation between this and a runner’s watch will not be considered.


  • Road races, where results are publicly accessible.
  • parkrun
  • Track races
  • Cross-country
  • Trail races
  • Multi-lap endurance events (such as the SVN ones)
  • Internal club competitions organised by the Club Committee (i.e. Handicap races or Club Champs).


  • Triathlons
  • Walking events
  • Anything else not independently verifiable by the competition’s Secretary.

How to take part

  • We will find your parkrun results, because we get an automatic parkrun report each week, if you’ve entered DRR as your club in your parkrun profile. If you haven’t done that, instructions are here.
  • Every time you finish a qualifying event/race, simply post in the Facebook group, or email the club.
  • We’ll update the results table weekly or fortnightly, and publish this to the website.


Points are awarded as follows:

  • Distances between 1 mile – 6.19 miles – 1 point
  • Distances between 6.2 miles – 13.09 miles – 2 points (you get 2 points for a 10k race)
  • Distances between 13.1 miles – 26.19 miles – 3 points (you get 3 points for a HM)
  • Marathon distances and over – 5 points
  • Club Grand Prix races count double.