Dartford Road Runners organise a few competitions each year for the benefit of its members. We organise a Grand Prix series, in which runners compete over a series of 13 varied races throughout the year, and score points according to their relative finish positions. The Grand Prix is divided into six divisions, so everyone is competing in a group of their own ability.

We also organise a monthly handicap race for all members, and these make up two six-race series of events each year, and prizes are awarded to the top five runners of the winter and summer series. Your first race will be a time- trial, so we can work out a correct handicap for you. After that, everyone takes part with a calculated head-start over the fastest runner, and it’s a race to the line!

If competing against your buddies isn’t your preference, and you prefer to your own thing, we also run a very simple competition – the Andy Horton Mile Muncher Competition, which is based on the number of miles you run in organised running events each year. So if you like keeping busy, getting out and about to different events and races, and racking up the medals, you stand a great chance of recognition here!