Grand Prix

We organise a Grand Prix series in which runners compete over a series of varied races throughout the year, and score points according to their relative finish positions. The Grand Prix is divided into six divisions, so everyone is competing in a group of their own ability. Prizes are awarded at the annual Christmas party to the top three runners in each division. The races include some local races, some popular favourites, and very often, something that we haven’t done before. We will also accept your result from any marathon you choose, and your fastest result of the year from any parkrun globally. The scoring system is very simple. The first runner from each division scores 20 points. The second scores 18, then the third scores 17 and so on.  The best eight scores will count as your final score, however you need to compete in a minimum of six events for your scores to count. As these are competitive races, gun-time and the finishing order will be used to determine our results, even if chip-time is available. This does not apply to the marathon.

The 2019 Grand Prix races:

  1. Lullingstone Park Run/Mob Match – 12/01/2019
  2. Tunbridge Wells Half Marathon – 17/02/2019
  3. Hastings Half Marathon 24/03/19
  4. Darent Valley 10k 12/05/19
  5. Medway 10k 02/06/19
  6. Mid Kent 5 Mile – July
  7. Kent Coastal Half Marathon – September
  8. Dartford Bridge 10k – September
  9. 5 Mile Club Champs – October
  10. Billericay 10k – November
  11. Any Marathon
  12. Fastest parkrun (Any location)