Training at the club is undertaken by coaches accredited by UK Athletics.

We have structured coaching sessions on Tuesday and Thursday evenings for runners of all levels. These include a beginners group starting each spring, a developers and advanced group. Also the coaching team organise a long run on Sunday mornings. We also offer ad hoc Saturday morning sessions to prepare for the winter cross country season and in preparation for spring marathons. All training is included in your subs!

The running sessions cover training for 5k, 10k, half marathon and marathon distances plus cross country during the winter season.

We make the most of the environment around the club; using the well lit pavements in the winter and the numerous parks and open spaces in the summer. Many sessions are timed based ensuring that the whole group starts and finishes together

Sunday runs

The aim of the Sunday run is a social recovery run following the training through the week, or the racing on previous weekends.

The runs are lead by Linda and Audrey and the aim is for them to be about 10 miles, but always with a cut off for those not ready (or wanting) to run that far. The runs start at 9.00am and are usually from Princes Park, but we do change the venue quite regularly, especially when there is a specific event to train for.