Andy Horton Challenge/Mile munchers


Andy Horton was a popular member of Dartford Road Runners and White Oak Triathlon clubs who tragically died after a short illness on the 17th July 2010.  He took inspiration and advice from his friends at these clubs for his many athletic achievements and paid it back tenfold befriending, helping, and inspiring others in their own endeavours, and by adding so much good humour and fun to our lives. DRR have raised more than £4000 over the years for the Dame Kelly Holmes Trust that help, support and empower disadvantaged young people and all this has been achieved through Andy’s good name. All DRR members are encouraged to take part in the challenge, and in doing so, we know that his beaming smile will be something that never fades from DRR memory.


Andy Horton Challenge/ Mile Munchers


Only races that are organised competitive events or DRR club handicaps are to be included . Competitive means someone says "GO" or similar at the start and a time is recorded. (DRR boxing day run does not count)

This includes:

Park Runs, handicaps, ultras, marathons, relays and cross country.


You must enter as a DRR runner and wear club colours in all events EXCEPT for handicaps, free events, Run Dartford events or parkruns. In some cases points and miles can be claimed when wearing a charity vest - for example when running a marathon or half marathon on a charity bond place.


We (the Andy Horton Challenge committee)  will record all miles that take place in DRR Grand Prix events, Club X country, DRR Handicaps and Park Runs. You must claim all other miles before the end of the month following the race. For example a race on 25th May must be claimed by the end of June. 


You can only claim the points and miles if you complete the whole distance of the race.


The Andy Horton trophy will be awarded to the Male & Female athlete who accumulates the most points between December & the end of November so that the trophies can be awarded at the Club Xmas Ball. Also the top 5 points scoring men and Women will receive a specially engraved glass to commemorate this achievement.

Points are as Follows:

A running race  between 1 mile and 5 miles = 1 point  

A running race between 5.1 miles and 13 miles = 2 points

A running race between 13.1 miles & 26 miles  = 3 points

A running race of  the full marathon distance or Ultra marathon  = 6 points. (from 2015/16 challenge onwards)

You can also receive an extra bonus point if you take part in any Grand Prix event (not the marathon) the club Summer or Winter Handicap, Assembly League race or ANY club XC event.

Points and miles can only be claimed for ONE event per day.

If there is a tie for points in the league final standings then the athlete who has run the most miles will be awarded the higher position. 


A coaster for the Andy Horton Mile Munchers is awarded to everyone that runs over 100, 200 or 300, 400, 500 etc miles.

Points will be totaled by the Andy Horton Mileage committee and updated to the website asap after each club event takes place, as well as monthly once all other race mileage has been received. 


Please take part and Enjoy!