This Weeks News Update

Weekly Update 24/04/17



Post marathon celebrations (see previous emails for full details) Greek Taverna Friday the 28th of April. This is now booked.


Race results

London Marathon

Excellent weather for the VLM today, not only for the runners but also the spectators. I was rather hoping for an on-the-day entry but it seems they’d sold out. There was a slightly melty smurf out and about, but everyone has put in a monstrous effort and achieved smug-worthy times. A list of those entered as DRR (alphabetical):


Claire Barnes                      03:59:00

Jack Blake                         03:08:14

Emily Booker                      05:06:48

Sarah Cronin                      03:37:54

Chris Dellow                       03:46:08

Richey Estcourt                  04:08:29

Helen Graves                     04:27:38

Andy Green                       02:48:24

Keith Harvey                      05:49:21

Emilie Kent                        03:18:36

Lynne Mallery                    06:36:40

Claire May                         04:38:54

Alex Mott                          04:38:33

Karen Nicholls                    05:31:11

Debs Patmore                    03:42:53

Marian Povey                     04:03:04

Sam Proctor                       02:38:55

John Setford                      06:41:22

Rob Starnes                       03:56:19

Ian Smurfette Willmott         04:30:11


Also seen today:

Tony Durey                        03:21:25

Anoushka Johnson               03:29:57


There are some outstanding times in that list, placing some of DRR in the top 40 by age category and the top 300 overall but, statistics aside, everyone has achieved today and you should all be proud. Your training + a large crowd of DRR spectators = an excellent event.


Run Dartford

Excellent turn out of 75 for the first of the Run Dartford races on the heath. Thanks to the marshalls for your time. It went smoothly and the next event is on the list of diary dates.




Oakfield park – 30 minute parlauf session. What is a Parlauf? Pair up with a runner of similar pace. One of you will run a long course while the other jogs a short course. You meet at some point and the jogger becomes the runner, running a long course while the first runner takes a jog to recover.

Traditionally run on a track with the long leg (runner) running the track circuit while the short leg (jogger) heads across the middle of the track field. We will create a session using Oakfield.

London marathon runners

No. This is not for you. Put a film on and tend to your blisters.

If you absolutely must leave the house then come to Oakfield and jog a couple of miles, but no more.



Terry Povey’s track attack. Meet at central park at 18:50 with £4.50 for hire of the track. You will stretch out, warm up, work on your form and run a few speed reps. Very good for 5K/10K tune ups. Suitable for everyone.



Darenth country park – short rep session. Don’t be fooled, this isn’t a short session. It’s a lot of short distance reps. Finish normal time.

London marathon runners – again, short reps aren’t for you at this stage. Recover properly and come back strong in May.


For information

There is a committee meeting on Monday. If you have anything of particular concern to bring up, please let one of the committee know and it will be raised.


Diary dates

28/04     -              Marathon social, Greek Taverna

04/05     -              Assembly League, Victoria park

07/05     -              Darent Valley 10k – GP

12/05     -              Run Dartford (2) – Central park 4 miles

13/05     -              Bexley Parkrun take over

31/05     -              Joydens wood

01/06     -              Assembly League, Battersea

03/06     -              Harvel 5 – GP

09/06     -              Run Dartford (3) – Darenth country park relays

25/06     -              North Downs Run


With the club marathons now done it’s time for speed work – see you at Oakfield park.

Marathoners – recover.