This Weeks News Update

Weekly Update 09/07/17



Race results


Herne bay 10k


A few cycled down for this race, and a few of those also cycled back.



British 10k


Some good DRR fundraising at the British 10k, with the winner (no club listed) running just over 31 minutes.



Ranscombe Challenge


8 hour challenge, run as many 4.4 mile laps as you can. Wilmo, Helen and I ran but we gave up at 26.4 miles. Stuart Wood – as you know, I love long distance and never miss out on the opportunity to cripple myself. With this in mind, please accept my marathon time of 6:22 as my division 1 GP entry. This will scare them all and give me an advantage on track day because they will know what I’m capable of. Thank you.

P.S. Wilmo went home early to go fishing but couldn’t catch a fish in a chip shop.





Run Dartford – Thames river path 10k. Volunteers are always needed for the Run Dartford series so please, if you can, volunteer to marshal the runners, do the timing, do the results, do the numbers etc etc. Thanks.






Handicap in Dartford Park. Meet at the Mick Jaggerstatue for a 7pm start. There is normally a warm-up from the club at the usual time.



Terry is holding the track session at the Harrier’s track, Central Park 7pm. £4.50 for track hire.

This is a good place to get advice on your form and tune up your top speed, suitable for all – don’t think you will be in the way because you won’t.



We have a session at Beacon Wood country park, Bean. Please be aware there is a £1 car parking fee which is used to maintain the park, and it’s unlikely you will be locked in because I have the key to the gate. There are no facilities at Beacon Wood.



Sunday social


Thanks Keith for leading the Sunday social today. I would have joined you but I was in bed. Are there any volunteers to lead next Sunday? If so, please get in touch.



The Dartford 10k


Help needed. We need to advertise the race now more than ever and Stuart has asked for assistance handing out flyers. We need to distribute at Dartford Parkrun on the 22nd and also at Great Lines the same day (Stuart will be at GL, but needs some help). The other date to cover is the 29th at Bromley. Please get in touch with Stuart to offer assistance.



Club BBQ/Track day


Gentle reminder to get the money in for the club BBQ please – plenty of info in previous updates.



Ian’s Stag


Update on Ian Martin’s stag, the date will be the 12th of August (not the 11that 7pm. Please let him know if you can attend. Same format as before (not that he’s been married before) - a few pubs in Greenwich followed by a Curry in Dartford.



Mile Muncher tables


Again, these are upto date and on the website.





The DRR committee will be meeting on Monday (10th) to discuss club matters (same as last time, 7:15 at Princes). If you have anything to raise, please let us know.



Diary dates


14/07     -              Run Dartford (4) – Thames river path 10k

23/07     -             Track BBQ - GP

26/07     -              Joydens wood (3)

27/07     -              Assembly League, Victoria park

28/08     -              THE DARTFORD 10K

10/09     -             Eridge park 10 mile trail – GP

17/09     -                 Faversham 10k (followed by KFL pre-season meeting)