Roll of honour

Road Runner of the Year

Male Year Female
Andy Bunt 2018 Charlotte Wood
Tony Piper 2017 Hazel Behagg
Sam Proctor 2016 Anne Dellow
Terry Reeves 2015 Marian Povey
Terry Reeves 2014 Deborah Patmore
Terry Reeves 2013 Hazel Behagg
Jack O’Sullivan 2012 Hazel Vuvi
Robert White 2011 Hazel Vuvi
David Ringrose 2010 Marnie Ellison
Peter Butler 2009 Ann Fuller
Andrew Green 2008 Ann Fuller
Jeff Howe 2007 Jill Richardson
Lyndon Currie 2006 Laura Sell
Andrew Green 2005 Cathy Hughes
David Hall 2004 Maureen Guard
Andrew Green 2003 Marian Povey

Most Improved Runner

Male Year Female
Scott Reeves 2018 Kayley Loft
Terry Felvus 2017 Sarah Cronin
Nigel Ling 2016 Emilie Kent
Steve Jarvis 2015 Anna Hewer
Darren Moss 2014 Nicky Mooney
Stewart O’Toole 2013 Sally Kyle
Jason Fuller 2012 Mira Homden
Tony Mason 2011 Christine Reeves
Steve Jarvis 2010 Anne Dellow
Richard Perry 2009 Lorraine Smith
Chris Dellow 2008 Paula Perry
Jim Porter 2007 Alison Pitkin
Peter Butler 2006 Angela Hedges
Paul Lewis 2005 Linda Duffell
Terry Povey 2004 Laura Anderson
Steve Adams 2003 Cara Oliver

Les Witton Award

Male Year Female
Stuart Wood 2018 Mary Pitkin
James McHattie 2017 Helen Graves
Brian Pitkin 2016 Helen Graves
Ian Willmott 2015 Mira Homden
Brian Pitkin 2014 Lisa Campbell
Stuart Wood 2013 Jackie Ridout
Dave Behagg 2012 Linda Duffell
Stuart Wood 2011 Lisa Campbell
Peter Butler 2010 Lisa Campbell
Brian Pitkin 2009 Lynne Mallery
Dave Behagg 2008 Carrie Hague
Mike Richardson 2007 Lisa Campbell
David Hall 2006 Laura Sell
Steve Neale 2005 Audrey Dyett
Scott Lamas 2004 Cara Oliver
Ian Willmott 2003 Nikki Willmott
David Thompson 2002 Julie Atkins
Ken MacKenzie 2001 Nikki Willmott
David Thompson 2000 Michelle Flaxton