About us

We formed in 1998 for the purpose of giving Dartford a club dedicated to road running

​We are now one of the most widely-recognised road running clubs in Kent. Our members regularly participate in distance events from parkruns to marathons, and the club’s training gives its members the best chance of achieving their potential in an enjoyable and supportive environment.

We organise training sessions twice during midweek, and organise longer runs are at the weekend. The majority of our Tuesday and Thursday sessions involve repetition and interval training. They take place in a variety of locations around the Dartford area, depending on the time of year and available light. These sessions typically last around 45 minutes.

We mix these interval sessions with occasional tempo runs of around 7-8 miles along familiar routes in and around the Dartford area.

On Thursday evenings, we also have a ‘recovery run’ group, aimed at runners returning to the activity following injury, or those who need a slower-paced run. These runs are typically around 4 miles in length.