What we do



Our group training sessions take place on Tuesday and Thursday evenings, and are designed to build strength and stamina efficiently.


We organise sociable longer runs (typically 6-12 miles) for groups on Sunday mornings, depending on the local race calendar.

Internal competitions

Grand Prix

DRR members can optionally take part in a series of open races throughout the year, competing against their peers of similar ability for one of our Grand Prix trophies!

Handicap races

Each month, we race each other over a distance of 2.75 miles, with each runner starting at a measured start time, so it’s a mad dash to the finish line!


Kent, SC & Nationals

DRR members can enter cross-country races in the Kent Championships, Southern Counties, or National Championships.

Kent Fitness League

DRR are members of the KFL, so our members can enjoy up to seven superb cross-country races around Kent, at sub-elite level.

What else?

Assembly League

DRR are members of the Assembly League, which is a series of shorter road races around London on Thursday evenings during the summer.

Joydens Wood 5k Series

We also host a series of three races each summer in Joydens Wood, for the wider running community. These are voluntary supported by the club’s members.